Friday, August 9, 2019

Bishop of St Albans: My role is to speak up for other faiths as well as Christianity

From England-

I am sometimes asked why I use my role in the House of Lords to speak up for other faiths as well as Christianity.

In response, I usually describe the nature of the Established Church and explain that bishops are not just concerned with the interests of Anglicans, but seek to serve and care for all people and especially those whose voices are suppressed or marginalised, whether in England or elsewhere.

The Bench of Bishops in the House of Lords is the only group which can claim something akin to a ‘constituency’. Each one of us serves in a diocese and as such we are out and about on a daily basis. We have a presence on the ground in virtually every community; many of our churches run food banks, lunch clubs, toddler groups, have bereavement visitors and even debt advice centres.

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