Thursday, August 29, 2019

Priest makes Steamboat a stop on his 6 Million Steps for Kids journey

From Colorado-

Near the summit of Rabbit Ears Pass, the Rev. Peter Munson looked energized as he made his way along the seeming endless expanse of pavement marking a path he has been called to follow.

“It wasn’t audible words certainly,” Munson said Tuesday from Steamboat Springs where he was slated to speak to the public at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church that night. “What I heard was to walk across the country and to speak and to write as I go.”

That calling, which came more than 10 years ago, is the reason the 62-year-old Episcopalian priest has worked hard to overcome many hurdles, it’s the reason he is making the 3,600-mile journey from Charleston, South Carolina, to San Francisco, and it’s the reason he is asking people to donate to his nonprofit, 6 Million Steps for Kids.

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