Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The only Anglican priest in Iraq comes to Guildford

From England-

Faez Jirjees, Vicar of St George's in Baghdad, visited Guildford on his first trip to the UK for seven years to speak about the plight of Christians in Iraq and his work bringing peace to the country.

Rev Faez Jirjees is, by any measure, a brave man.

As the vicar of St George's, Baghdad, he is Iraq's only Anglican priest and a member of a dwindling Christian minority that faces discrimination, persecution and violence.

"Any speech that I give that they didn't like, that could turn to violence or threats," he told SurreyLive on a recent visit to Guildford , his first trip to the UK in seven years, where he is spreading the word about the plight of Iraqi Christians and the need for secular government if there is to be peace in the country after 16 years of war. 

"They" turns out to be a wide array of groups who might take exception to a Christian priest calling for a secular state in Iraq.

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