Thursday, March 12, 2020

Episcopal Rector In Fort Worth Has First ‘Presumptive Positive’ Tarrant County Case Of COVID-19

From Ft. Worth-

Episcopal church leaders deliver unsettling news, with unshakeable faith: the Trinity Episcopal Church rector, Rev. Dr. Robert Pace, is Tarrant County’s first ‘presumptive’ case of Covid-19. He remains hospitalized in isolation.

“Father Pace is much better,” says Rev. Janet Waggoner, assistant to the Episcopal Bishop.
“He’s on the mend… and we can’t say enough about the medical care he has received.”

According to a timeline provided by the diocese, Father Pace most likely contracted the virus while attending a church conference in Louisville, Kentucky in February. When word spread that a rector in the D.C. area who had attended that same conference had tested positive, Father Pace again contacted his physician. He had visited the doctor on February 27 because he had been feeling ill and tested negative for the flu, twice.

Meanwhile, those in the surrounding community seem to be keeping the risk in perspective.

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