Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Sun Has Got His Hat On: A Summer Commentary by Dr Rowan Williams

A parody (I'm assuming) of Rowan William's exegetical style using the "The Sun Has Got His Hat On" from Me and My Girl. Actually sounds like a lot of modern biblical scholarship.

"What, then, do we understand by that "the"? All of us, during the course of our daily lives, use the word "the" probably rather more than we think we do. "I am just popping out to the shops" we might say, or "I wonder who will win the football match later today". Yet the shops and the football match are two quite different things: one would not pop into a football match, for instance, in order to purchase a half-pound (or the equivalent metrical measurement) of brussels sprouts; nor, conversely, would one expect to kick a ball around in a greengrocer's shop without incurring the understandable displeasure of the greengrocer in question. So, in a very real sense, it all comes down to context."

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