Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Stuff In TEC: New York

During a recession, Westchester County presents exceptionally sharp contrasts

In the months since the economy began to tumble, Pepi Powell has heard people apologize for taking the free bread, coffee, tea and other staples spread out on the tables at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Ossining.

They are not used to relying on charity, but they can no longer afford everything they need.

"They may even own their own homes," she said. "People are losing jobs, so they are unable to pay their rent or meet their mortgage."

Powell is among the volunteers at the Ossining Food Pantry. They arrive at the church on South Highland Avenue every Thursday night and Friday morning to distribute food among the people waiting for the doors to open.

Aileen Hunt helped to found the pantry in 1987 with a grant of about $8,000 from the Episcopal Diocese of New York. It quickly outgrew the four participating churches, she said, and today the budget for the nonprofit organization is about $300,000.

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