Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leaders say economic uplift will come soul by soul

Holy jeremiad! The Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Benedict XVI both unloaded this week on the human sinful side of the worldwide economic crisis.

Ruth Gledhill's Articles of Faith in The Times of London blog details recent comments by the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, Archbishop Rowan Williams, on the "perils of greed and unbridled consumerism. The market became God, and even many clerics seemed beguiled by its apparent indefatigability. But now it has been shown to be a false God, literally fool's gold."

She summarizes Williams' conclusions:

Just as God keeps promises, "human beings need to to as well, including in their financial dealings.

Humanity, for all its God-created talents, must be more humbly aware of its limits -- "without resentment or fantasy."

The ideal human community looks to everyone's welfare.
What is good in God's eyes for human beings not something that is altered by differences in culture or income; we can't say that what is unwelcome or evil for us is tolerable for others.

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