Friday, November 20, 2009

Priest Accused Of Misconduct Offered State Job

From Deleware-

An Episcopal priest who was relieved of his duties because of alleged misconduct with a female parishioner has been offered a state government job.

The Rev. Robert Broesler, pastor of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Wilmington, is scheduled to start working Monday for the Department of Health and Social Services.

Meanwhile, a hearing is scheduled Wednesday in a lawsuit in which Broesler, who denies any misconduct, claims church officials have wrongfully denied him pay and benefits and have indirectly tried to dissolve his pastoral relationship without following the required process.

Broesler, 54, is asking a Chancery Court judge for a restraining order to prevent church officials from taking further steps to jeopardize his position as a tenured pastor pending the outcome of church proceedings, or using his acceptance of the state job against him.

According to the lawsuit, Broesler was forced to seek other employment after the vestry at St. Barnabas voted in June to stop paying him. He was last paid in mid-August, and his home is subject to foreclosure, according to court records.

"Reverend Broesler is in dire financial straights (sic) because his contract has been breached and his compensation has been wrongfully terminated," his lawsuit reads.

DHSS spokesman Carl Kanefsky said Broesler has been offered a job with the Division of State Services, which provides individuals and families access to a variety of DHSS programs and services. Kanefsky did not have specifics of the job description but said the position was posted, and that Broesler emerged as a top candidate after his application was vetted and references checked.

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