Friday, February 12, 2010

Pastor's ban sparks unholy Anglican stoush

From Australia- (anybody know what a "stoush" is?)

THE first sign of trouble for Bruce Haddon came at an impromptu meeting with his pastor, the Reverend Dominic Steele, the gregarious but conservative rector of St Aidan's Anglican Church in Annandale.

Mr Steele informed Mr Haddon that he had become aware, via members of Mr Haddon's home Bible study group, that he had questioned the accuracy of the Old Testament.

As punishment, Mr Haddon says, he was banned from his ministry role within the church, where he had been appointed to greet parishioners arriving at Sunday evening services.

But it was just a hint of what was to come for Mr Haddon, 58, a divorced management consultant who is embroiled in a bitter battle with the Anglican Church, largely sparked by a single email.

The email, sent two years later in February 2008, contained allegations that Mr Haddon believes implied he was guilty of sexual misconduct towards women in the church.

He claims it is all part of a vicious campaign to force him out of the church because of his liberal beliefs, which grate with the strict Anglican doctrine of the Sydney diocese.

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John McClean said...

A "stoush" is Australian colloquial for a fight, it usually means a serious fight not just a 'squabble', we might even say a "fair dinkum'" fight where you go in "boots and all".

Hope that helps!