Saturday, May 29, 2010

Archbishop calls for action against rebel Anglicans

From The BBC-

Anglicans who flout the wishes of the worldwide Church should be sidelined from official doctrinal committees, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

In his Pentecost letter to Anglicans worldwide, Rowan Williams says there is still "painful division" in the Church.

He cites the consecration of a lesbian bishop in the US, and Church leaders organising in each others' areas.

If his call is heeded it would be the first time such sanctions have been imposed on dissident Church members.

The archbishop added that dissident Anglican provinces should not take part in formal dialogues with other Churches.

Lesbian bishop
Some Anglicans will see the measures as the first step towards a "two-tier" Communion, with Churches who refuse to compromise on their beliefs being increasingly marginalised.

Earlier this month the Episcopal Church in the United States defied Rowan Williams, by ordaining an openly-lesbian bishop, Mary Glasspool.

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Leonard said...

+Rowan can´t even figure out the difference between Heterosexual and Homosexual basic decency and honorable conduct...odd that OUR moralike authority doesn´t know right from wrong (as if it was about breaking his ¨self-sensible¨ rules of appropriate personal loving ¨intimate¨ boundries and not about Gods Commandments)...the ABC really ought consider stepping down or at least step aside and let the Holy Spirit continue to lead the way...he´s no politician and his spiritual punishment system is absurd...naughty/naughty, ¨go sit in the corner until I think you are good!¨