Monday, May 3, 2010

Ex-Episcopal bishop returns to flock

From Albany-

A conservative former Episcopal bishop of Albany who left the church in 2007 to become a Roman Catholic has now returned to his former faith.

Daniel W. Herzog became an outspoken national opponent of ordaining gay clergy after he retired from the ministry in 2007. He made news that year when he and two other diocesan bishops left the Episcopal Church to join the Roman Catholic Church.
The Episcopal Church, the American wing of the worldwide Anglican Communion, had been in turmoil following the consecration in 2003 of V. Gene Robinson as its first openly gay bishop.

Herzog's return was announced this week by Albany Bishop William Love. Both Herzog and his wife, Carol, left the church. Herzog was one of only a handful of Episcopal bishops ever to join another church.

"Carol and I are grateful for the continuing opportunity to serve our Lord and His church in the Diocese of Albany," Herzog said in a statement. "My only plan is to assist in any way Bishop Bill directs. We are honored to resume a fuller place among the clergy and laity of the diocese."

The Albany diocese has joined with the conservative branch of the church in opposing same-sex marriage and the ordination of gay clergy, said Robert Dodd, president of Albany Via Media, an Anglican laity group that opposed Herzog's steering of the diocese into a more conservative position.

Dodd said Herzog was right to leave the church because the bishop opposed some of its central beliefs.

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