Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zimbabwe: Anglican Bishop Denies Supporting Homosexuality

From Zimbabwe (All Africa)

Anglican Diocese faction leader Bishop Chad Gandiya yesterday said his province did not subscribe to homosexuality, but admitted some provinces condoned gay marriages.

In an interview yesterday, Bishop Gandiya said the Church of Central Province, under which his diocese falls, did not support gay marriages or same-sex relationships.

The bishop's comments come in the wake of a feud his faction has been embroiled in with the rival camp led by Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, who broke away from the CPCA to form the Province of Zimbabwe.

Bishop Kunonga left in 2007, citing the church's alleged dabbling in homosexuality, after the Province of Canterbury appointed a gay priest. "We are not governed by Canterbury, we are only members of the Anglican Communion. Each archbishop is autonomous. There are those provinces that accept women priests and gay priests just as there are those provinces that do not ordain gay priests and women priests," said Bishop Gandiya.

"We do not ordain women priests or gay priests and nobody can tell us as a province to do that because it is our decision."

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