Friday, July 2, 2010

Lewis gets Episcopal license back

From West Virginia-

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia has restored the license of Charleston's foremost reform activist minister, Jim Lewis.

A Thursday notice from St. John's Church Rector Susan Latimer and Senior Warden John Canfield said: "We are pleased to announce that Bishop [Michie] Klusmeyer has issued a license to the Rev. Jim Lewis to officiate within the diocese of West Virginia."

Lewis -- creator of Manna Meal for the homeless at St. John's, and later founder of the Patriots for Peace anti-war group -- temporarily lost his license after complaints that he performed too many services for St. John's members while retired. Negotiations resolved the complaints.

Thursday's announcement also said the historic midtown church plans to "obtain the services of a congregational consultant for the purpose of helping [it] resolve ongoing parish conflicts."

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