Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the spot where Thomas More was condemned, a stirring defence of the faith

From The Daily Mail-

Until last night, no Pope had set foot in Westminster Abbey, even though it was doing Roman Catholic coronations for 500 years before Henry VIII had other ideas.

No Pope had set foot in the Palace of Westminster either, let alone addressed its occupants.
So yesterday was a day of profound historic importance here at the very heart of the British state.

And yet, it was the street cleaning department of Westminster City Council which threatened to steal the headlines.

The arrest of six litter sweepers amid suspicions of terrorist activity undeniably distracted from a day of huge religious significance.

But while it drew attention away from the Pope’s most important speech of this entire tour, it also put the shrill protests against his visit into some sort of perspective. All of a sudden, they seemed rather trivial.

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