Monday, September 13, 2010

Rectory Rambo rescues kittens

From Australia- (Must be a slow news day)

HOLY Trinity Anglican Church rector Ann Dittmar-McCollim crawled in the dark underneath the rectory to save six abandoned kittens that were trapped.

Mrs Dittmar-McCollim said she first heard the sound of kittens on Thursday when she was working in the study of the rectory.

She said it was from there she called a builder to see if he could demolish the stairs so they could access the kittens, however, the stairs were so well made, the builders said it would take some time.

She said they then decided to wait and see if the mother would return to her litter.

However, she could not wait, so with the help of the Anglicare staff she decided to rescue the kittens herself.

“I managed with the help of the Anglicare staff to go under the building where I commando-crawled under two room spaces and carried the kittens out in a shopping bag.

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