Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mt. Calvary Considers Roman Catholicism

From The Living Church-

An Anglo-Catholic parish in the Diocese of Maryland is within weeks of becoming the first Episcopal congregation to accept the Vatican’s invitation, through Anglicanorum coetibus, to become a Roman Catholic church.

Mount Calvary Church, Baltimore, has scheduled a vote Oct. 24 on whether to affirm unanimous vestry decisions to leave the Episcopal Church and to become a Roman Catholic parish under the terms of Anglicanorum coetibus.

The Rev. Jason Catania, rector of Mount Calvary since 2006, said the congregation has consulted with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore about the parish’s future and with the Diocese of Maryland about the possibility of amicable separation.

If the congregation affirms the vestry’s two resolutions, the parish will send a proposal to the Diocese of Maryland’s standing committee four days later, Fr. Catania told The Living Church.

“A group from the standing committee has met with the vestry, and Bishop [Eugene] Sutton will be here on Sunday [Oct. 10] to hear from the folks,” he said.

He said Mount Calvary already had begun thinking about becoming a Roman Catholic parish when the All Saints Sisters of the Poor announced their decision to become a Roman Catholic Order.

“That was very important,” he said. “They were our parish sisters, and we remain very close to them.”

Catania grew up Lutheran, but his college education is thoroughly Roman Catholic and then Anglo-Catholic: a bachelor’s degree in music from Notre Dame; a master’s degree from Washington University, St. Louis; and a master’s of divinity degree from the Catholic University of America. He earned a master of sacred theology degree from Nashotah House Theological Seminary and was ordained to the priesthood by the Rt. Rev. Daniel Herzog, Bishop of Albany, in December 2000.

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