Friday, October 8, 2010

Native businessman turned Episcopal minister to share conversion story

From South Carolina-

Believers recognize that God moves in mysterious ways. One Orangeburg native with first-hand experience of those ways will share his unique story next week.

The Very Rev. Frank F. Limehouse III, dean of Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, Ala., worked in his family's third-generation apparel business, Limehouse Ltd., for 20 years before converting to Christianity - by way of a golf course - and entering the ministry.

"The business was started by my grandfather in 1922, and I worked there after I graduated from Wofford College in 1966," Limehouse said. "I was about 46 when I converted."

Limestone will participate in a revival at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer of Orangeburg Tuesday through Thursday, Oct. 12-14. The Rev. Dr. Frank Larisey said a former church rector was responsible for influencing Limehouse's decision.

"Bill Snow, who was (Church of the Redeemer) rector from the middle-1960s to the late-1980s, was a pretty good scratch golfer," Larisey said. "He used it to evangelize.
"He would get into foursomes on the golf course. He would say, ‘If I miss this shot, I'll pay up. But if I make this shot, you owe me two Sundays in church.' Since he was so good, many of them ended up coming to church, but a lot of them also ended up staying."

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