Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nigerian chief sues for birthday brawl in Anglican Church

From Houston Texas-

A couple is suing after being assaulted during a birthday celebration in an Anglican Church.

Chief Hyacinth Ikegbunam and Regina Ikegbunam filed suit in Harris County District Court on Oct. 29, stating that Obiageli Agugo violently attacked and humiliated them during a birthday party being held at All Saints Anglican Church, located in Alief.

In their suit, plaintiffs allege they suffered bodily harm and public humiliation when Agugo slapped and choked them while calling them ugly and offensive names such as prostitute, wayward, useless and less than human. According to the brief, Agugo went so far as to almost rip off Reginas dress and did succeed in knocking off Hyacinths traditional Nigerian Chiefs hat. Because of Agugos threats, plaintiffs now fear for their lives.

It was the responsibility of Agugo, they state, to follow the law by not threatening and assaulting them.

The Ikegbunams are being represented by Houston attorney Edmond Suji. They are seeking a restraining order against Agugo, $150,000 in compensation and court costs.

Harris County District Court Case No. 2010-72006.

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