Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Former Anglicans could share old churches, says head of Ordinariate

From The London telegraph-

Fr Keith Newton, a bishop in the Church of England until just a few weeks ago who is now an ordained Catholic priest and the head of the Personal Ordinariate of England and Wales, said he hoped churches could be shared between the different congregations.

But he insisted he did not want any “rancour or bad feeling” between Anglicans and those who go over to Rome under the unprecedented scheme.

The Ordinariate was proposed late in 2009 by the Vatican as a refuge for disaffected Anglicans worldwide who oppose developments such as women’s ordination.

It will allow them to enter into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church while retaining parts of their spiritual heritage, and will allow married former Anglican clergy to become priests without having to be celibate.

Three leading Anglo-Catholic bishops have already left the Church of England for the new structure and were ordained as Catholic priests at a high-profile ceremony at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday. Up to 60 more priests along with dozens of parishioners from across England are expected to join the movement by Pentecost – June 12th.

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