Wednesday, April 6, 2011

House churches deepen community, provide intimate hospitality

From ENS-

Regular Thursday evening worship involves "the Lord's Supper in three courses" at Holy Spirit Episcopal Community, a house church in Silver Lake, California, in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

House churches, or small groups of believers who gather and worship in homes, sometimes by necessity and other times independent of mainstream religious institutions, are considered to emulate the earliest Christian community, and more recently are growing in popularity as a way to reach out to the unchurched.

At Holy Spirit, Fabian Rodriguez serves up the evening's first course, arranging crab-broccoli dip and other appetizers, salads and freshly baked chicken pot pie on the altar.

He'd spent much of the day in court, at the trial of the accused murderer of his best friend. And for Rodriguez, 38, a chef, it felt comforting to offer a homemade meal to "a community where I feel accepted, where I feel so comfortable that even when I'm uncomfortable I'm allowed to express it in a safe environment.

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