Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Only the best for the west!

From Australia-

Just go to Melbourne’s Western suburbs and see the new Anglican church in Sunshine!

Holy Apostles’ Church, Sunshine Braybrook, will be officially opened by the Archbishop on Saturday 30 April, but it has already become a spiritual home to the parishioners. And by all accounts, they are thrilled with it.

“There is a real buzz here on a Sunday morning,” their Vicar, Fr Stuart Soley, told TMA. “They don’t want to go home!” No wonder. The new church is something for any congregation to be proud of, from its stunning boat-shaped profile soaring into the sky as you approach it along Sun Crescent to its rich light-filled contemporary interior.

For a parish that has, over the past decade, had to watch its old church demolished because it was unsafe, and then come to terms with a merger of two congregations and the sale of another parish site, the new parish centre is a powerful symbol of new beginnings. The old St Mark’s Sunshine, built in 1959 on the site of an earlier church, had begun to crack within a few years as its foundations gave way. The builders had not taken into account the highly reactive soils in the area. It had to be closed four years after Fr Soley came to the parish, with the congregation relocated to St Peter’s and St Andrew’s, Braybrook. The vicarage suffered a similar fate.

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