Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birmingham's Linn Park ideal place to protest immigration law

From Alabama-

Birmingham's Linn Park has seen many a protest in its day, including civil rights marches of the early 1960s and the anti-war rallies later in the decade.

It was the scene of attacks by Bull Connor's dogs and fire hoses against peaceful protesters, attacks that created images that defined Birmingham for many years.

And while we are certain there will be no violence when more than a dozen groups march on the park Saturday evening, it does seem an apt venue for a protest aimed at Alabama's harsh new immigration law, which has the potential to stigmatize Hispanics.

Billed as an "interfaith candle march," organizers say the new law is unjust and that they are specifically worried about possible restrictions on church ministries. Among the groups planning the march are the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, Greater Birmingham Ministries, the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice and the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama.

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