Sunday, December 4, 2011

Church scandals a 'wake-up call' to everyone

From New York-

The church is the last place where children should be in danger of abuse.

Through the decades, the church has founded and operated innumerable children's hospitals, summer camps, orphanages, preparatory schools and athletic programs.

So, when the church itself violates the sacred trust to care for children, the sin seems unpardonable.

"You expect a church to be safe," said the Rev. Marilyn Sanders, pastor of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Bainbridge. "Abuse is a horrible thing to happen, especially in a church. That's why we need to create a safe environment."

Episcopalians, Catholics, Jews and others have adopted strict policies in recent years to protect children from child sexual abuse, ranging from such measures as criminal background checks of church officials to requiring that two adults always be present with children.

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