Monday, June 11, 2012

Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania would offer same-sex blessings

From Central PA-

Clergy in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania soon might have the option of blessing same-gender couples, the diocesan bishop said Sunday.

The Episcopal Church has decided “to take another step forward toward full inclusion of all its members,” the Right Rev. Nathan D. Baxter, bishop of the diocese, said Sunday after the 142nd annual Diocesan Convention that was held during the weekend in State College.

Baxter said if trial liturgy of a same-sex blessing is approved at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, his diocese will use it, too. The General Convention will be held next month in Indianapolis.

“We’ve had a task force working on this issue for some time considering the proposed blessing of same-gender unions prayerfully and thoughtfully,” he said.

Although the Episcopal Church has ordained openly gay bishops in the United States, it has not taken an official stand on gay marriage. The Episcopal Church believes that homosexuality in and of itself is not a sin.

Baxter said that some Episcopal priests and congregations would welcome the new liturgy while others would be uncomfortable with it. Using the same-gender blessing liturgy would be voluntary, he said.

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