Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episcopalian, Baptist churches combine services

From Dayton-

A Baptist church and an Episcopal Church began working together out of necessity, but hope to continue the collaboration.

Members of Christ Episcopal Church, 20 W. First St., and First Baptist Church, 111 Monument Ave., will worship together for about a month.

The Episcopal church is undergoing renovations, and its membership is temporarily displaced. The Baptist church members decided to open their doors.

“The chapel that is adjacent to our entry way was in danger of collapsing,” said the Rev. John Paddock, of Christ Episcopal. “I approached them initially thinking we could hold our services at a different time, but they invited us to join our services with theirs. It has been great and a wonderful learning experience as we explore our various traditions.”

Two examples of how Baptists and Episcopalians differ in their beliefs are baptism and celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

“The Church of England and Anglican churches, including the Episcopal church, are a bridge of sorts,” Paddock said. “Our liturgical practices are very Catholic, whereas our theology is more Protestant.”

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