Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Ways Jonathan Edwards Has Influenced You

From Georgia-

In 1734 in Northampton, Massachusetts, a Congregationalist pastor named Jonathan Edwards had been preaching at the church for several years with average results.

He was a Calvinist, trained at Yale and was convinced of the need for a personal experience of conversion. In 1734, his sermons began to evoke a response that surprised him.

His sermons were not very emotional, although they did underscore the need for an experience of conviction of sin and of God’s forgiveness.

His congregation in Northampton began to respond to his sermons with emotional outbursts, remarkable change in their lives, and increased attention to their devotional lives.

This was the beginning of America’s First Great Awakening – 42 years before we declared our independence from Great Britain. The revival in Massachusetts then spread to Connecticut.

Churches witnessed their members showing a greater devotion and more conscientious study of Scripture.

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