Saturday, September 28, 2013

From police officer to priest: Former officer returns to church

From Texas-

The Rev. David Huxley didn’t plan on ever coming back to church — let alone entering the priesthood.

“I’d grown up Episcopalian, but when I got to be 17 or 18, church kind of lost its appeal,” said Huxley, who moved to Midland last week to take a position as the new rector at St. Nicholas’ Episcopal Church. “I went churchless for many years.”

Huxley became a police officer for the city of Madison, Wis. He worked there for 20 years before finding himself back in the Episcopal church, attending services upon a friend’s suggestion. Still, he never thought of becoming a priest until he kneeled to pray one Sunday and realized how much he missed church.

Kneeling in a pew, he heard a response to his prayer — “I don’t care where you’ve been; I don’t care what you’ve done; I’m just glad that you’re back.”

Taking this as a calling from God, Huxley retired from the police force at age 50 and entered the seminary to become an Episcopalian priest. Going back to school was difficult, but his police background helped him tremendously in dealing with people, he said.

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