Thursday, January 2, 2014

4 in 10 Americans say they attend church, Obama not among them

From Utah-

A new Gallup polls says four in 10 Americans attend worship services, but recent news reports suggested that President Obama is among the majority who don't go to church regularly.

A New York Times story over the weekend highlighted what the president and his family didn't do on Christmas Day — attend a church service.

The report quoted historians saying Obama rarely goes to church and one White House watcher was quoted as saying the president has attended church just 18 times since taking office in 2008.

"Historically, watching the nation’s first family head to church dressed in their Sunday best, especially around the holiday season, was something of a ritual," the Times reported. "Yet Mr. Obama’s faith is a more complicated, more private, and perhaps — religious and presidential historians say — a more inclusive affair."

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