Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SERIOUSLY? Someone steals priceless cross from a local bishop

From Seattle-

Many would argue there’s a special place in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks for the person who steals from a bishop.

The Diocese of Olympia is hoping the public can help locate a special pectoral cross that was stolen out of Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel’s car Sunday in Seattle. .

Bishop Rickel, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia in Western Washington, parked his Toyota Prius downtown Sunday near the intersection of 6th Avenue and Stewart Street. While away from his car,  someone broke into it and stole several items.

Among the items stolen was a one-of-a-kind cross given to Bishop Rickel upon his consecration, the diocese said.

The cross was designed by Nancy Denmark and includes impressions taken from objects in Western Washinstion. It also features a sailing ship design from the diocesan seal mounted above the impression. It is silver.

Police are investigating the case. In the meantime, the diocese is asking anyone with information on the stolen item to contact Mr. Blaire Notrica, executive assistant to the bishop, at

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