Saturday, May 9, 2015

Interim pastors serve a vital role for congregations in transition

From Alabama-

They are the gatekeepers guarding against a mass exodus. They are buffers between what was and what will be. They are temporary, short-term solutions. They have little administrative power, yet can be a saving grace for a congregation in turmoil.

They are interim pastors.

When one pastor leaves and before another is found, it’s the interim pastor who holds a congregation together during the transition.

"Interim means provisional or temporary or keep your fingers crossed," said Bob McClain, who served as an interim pastor when he was 17 years old before becoming the full-time pastor at Living by Faith Ministry in Oxford. "We use the term ‘interim pastor’ today because most churches vote their pastors in and out of office, and the deacons and elders know they need a leader until they can bring men in and try them out."

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