Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Malaysia's Anglican bishop 'no' to same-sex marriages

From News Asia-

The Anglican church here will not allow same-sex marriages to take place on its pre­mises, said newly installed Anglican bishop Melter Jiki.

The 50-year-old bishop, who is the first native Kadazan chosen to lead the 90,000-strong Anglican community in the state, said this when asked about the church's policies and what to expect during his tenure.

"We are totally against the so-called same-sex marriage. We will not allow it in the church," said the father of four who was installed as the sixth Anglican bishop in Sabah on Tuesday.

Some Anglican churches in European countries have accepted gay marriages and even performed the ceremony in their churches.

Bishop Melter said while other Anglican dioceses and provinces decided to ordain women to the priesthood, South-East Asia had not taken the step yet.

"We are not ready for such a move.

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Leonard said...

Nothing new here, this is the same diocese/province that indugles in righeous schismatic growling for well over a decade at The Anglican Communion (Global South associates). Of course there are millions of LGBTI Christians/others in Malaysia who will continue to suffer because of this strident pontificating which offers exclusion and not a hint of Christian HOSPITALITY! Huffing and puffing is not the same as offering emotional and spiritual stability at Church.