Friday, May 22, 2015

St. Blasé’s welcomes you!

A little humor from The Living Church-

What follows is a (fictional) transcript between the Rev. Cindy Pendleton-Hokemeier, rector of St. Blasé’s Episcopal Church in General Oaks, KS (a suburb of Kansas City), and Tom Griffith, a writer for the General Oaks Herald. Any resemblance between actual persons and events is entirely coincidental.

Tom Griffith: Rev. Pendleton-Hokemeier, thanks for meeting with me, and congratulations on St. Blasé’s semicentennial celebration. The Herald sent me here to gather some information for the article we’re going to run in a few days.

Cindy Pendleton-Hokemeier: Thank you! We’re very excited about what God is doing in our community.

TG: So, tell me a little bit about your church.

CPH: Well, we’re a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic congregation in the heart of the suburbs. Our mission is to “care for all God’s children through service, justice, and intentional community-building.”

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