Thursday, October 27, 2016

Power of prayer in an age of skepticism

From California-

A popular hashtag on Twitter starts with #prayfor, followed by the place of a major tragedy, such as #prayforNice or #prayforOrlando. In politics, Hillary Clinton often tweets about praying after such tragedies while Donald Trump has welcomed prayers from church leaders. In the United States, meanwhile, major media have begun to take note of the high number of prayer services held in religious institutions, especially after such tragedies.

At a time of a decline in church attendance, why is prayer still so prominent in the public square?

One reason, suggests a nationwide survey by the nonpartisan Barna Group, is that a majority of American adults — 66 per cent — believe that God can heal. Even more people (68 per cent) have prayed for God to heal someone. And more than a quarter of American adults have experienced healing through prayer.

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