Friday, March 31, 2017

Pastor prays for Lazarus-style miracle that dead wife will be resurrected by God

From Christian Today-

A Christian pastor in Kenya who camped at a mortuary for four days in the belief that his wife would rise from the dead like Lazarus has been left disappointed after the miracle failed to occur.

Pastor Githumba, aged 40, began trending on social media after he camped out at the mortuary in Gakwegori in Embu district, fasting and praying for her resurrection.

His wife Polly Kagendo, aged 38, died of tuberculosis. The pastor predicted her resurrection four days later, on Wednesday March 29, just as Lazarus was resurrected by Jesus in the Bible according to John's Gospel.

He invited reporters and others to witness the miracle, Standard Digital reports. He attested that she was merely resting and would be restored to life if everyone prayed and believed in God for the miracle.

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