Saturday, April 1, 2017

A parish opens its doors to asylees

From New Jersey-

The Rev. Jill Singleton, of the Episcopal Church of Incarnation in Jersey City, said the idea of the Lighthouse was in part borne because of a man named Peter, an asylee that Singleton visited at the Hudson Correctional Facility as a volunteer for First Friends. Peter, she said, was born in Nigeria and when she visited him for the first time he told her she had been his first and only visitor during the nine months that he had been detained. On that day, he told her that he had been granted asylum.

"I asked him where he was going to go and he said 'I don't know,''' Singleton recalled.  "He didn't know another living soul in this country."

She said that night she couldn't sleep wondering where Peter had gone and she thought about opening a house to help others like him.

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