Monday, April 17, 2017

Most Reverend Terence Finlay

From Toronto-

Most Reverend Terence Finlay, Anglican archbishop of Toronto and Metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario, some years back stopped to talk to a sex worker on a downtown street.

After a moment’s conversation, she said, “Love the colour of your shirt” – gesturing to the archbishop’s purple episcopal shirtfront. “Where can I get one like that?” The archbishop promptly gave directions to the nearby Anglican Book Centre and said, “Tell them Terry sent you.”

Prior to his election in 1989 as Toronto’s 10th bishop – which surprised him – the diocese had a reputation even by Anglican standards as conservative, uptight and strait-laced. But at his installation, helium balloons were set loose in the cathedral, and that same year, when Anglicans assembled in Toronto’s 50,000-seat SkyDome – now known as the Rogers Centre – to mark the 150th anniversary of the diocese, there were church-goers waving placards reading “Yay Terry!”

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