Saturday, January 13, 2018

Will Anglicanism reign supreme at the next coronation?

From Secularism UK-

On Sunday the BBC will broadcast an hour-long film on the coronation, the ancient initiation rite in which the monarch of the United Kingdom is formally invested with regalia and crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Today's British citizens (or should that be subjects?) haven't witnessed many coronations. If you're under 64 then you weren't even born when Her Majesty was crowned. Britain has changed a lot since then. Elvis Presley was unheard of and 'How much is that doggie in the window?' was topping the UK charts. Winston Churchill was prime minister, the mighty West Bromwich Albion were challenging for the league title, and never mind the internet – television sets were only just becoming part of the furniture.

But perhaps one of the most significant changes Britain has seen since the coronation is its shift away from Christianity. Today the UK is characterised by its religious diversity and has, for the first time, a non-religious majority.

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