Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tony Norman: OK, so now I’m cool with royal weddings

From Pittsburgh-

The next sign that theirs was a blacker-than-usual wedding at St. George’s Chapel was the presence of the Most Rev. Michael Curry of Chicago, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Like any black preacher worth his or her salt, Bishop Curry took his time delivering the kind of sermon about the redemptive power of love the uptight Windsors had never heard before from their very Anglican pulpit.

Bishop Curry engaged in enough mild histrionics to make the reaction shots of the white British aristocracy utterly priceless. Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, leaned over to him as if to say, “What’s happening, Charles?” One middle-aged duchess sat with her mouth agape, wondering how hundreds of years of careful inbreeding had led to this moment.

When I got married three decades ago, we had a black preacher from Chicago officiating at our wedding, too, but I assure you, our wedding wasn’t as “black” as Harry and Meghan’s.

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