Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Albany's Bishop Love 'troubled' by Episcopal same-sex marriage resolution

From Albany-

The passage of a resolution to allow same-sex couples to be married in an Episcopal Church, regardless of a particular diocese's policy, has prompted Bishop William Love to call for a special meeting of clergy within the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

Love opposes same-sex marriage, and earlier this month voted against the resolution authorizing it at the Episcopal Church's national meeting in Austin, Tex. In a letter to Albany diocese parish members last week, he said that the passage of the resolution, labeled B012, by the Episcopal House of Bishops and House of Deputies is "the most problematic and potentially damaging within the Diocese of Albany as well as the wider Anglican Communion."

"While I know that there are some in the Diocese of Albany who applaud the passage of B012," he wrote, "the vast majority of the clergy and people of the Diocese, to include myself, are greatly troubled by it."

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