Wednesday, July 25, 2018

'It’s not safe for us': South Sudanese-Australians weather 'African gangs' storm

From The Guardian-

Luke Henriques-Gomes visits west Melbourne shops, churches and sports clubs to hear how residents cope with complicated social issues amid an onslaught of negative attention
At the Victory Grace Church in Albion, 100 worshippers sing and sway with their eyes closed and their palms out.

Leading them is Pastor Nathan Kuku, dressed in a tan leather jacket. He bounds across the room, his arms jutting out at sharp angles as he gesticulates with an almost Mick Jagger-like energy.

The gospel music swells. Some women lose their footing and are guided to the front of the church – technically a Maltese community centre in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Kuku places his hand on the women’s foreheads, and they collapse again.

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