Thursday, July 19, 2018

Darien Church files lawsuit against their Rector

From Connecticut-

A lawsuit has been filed by parishioners of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church against Rev. Canon George Kovoor.

The vestry, the meeting of parishioners that conduct parochial business, seek the courts to rule Kovoor is not the lawful rector of St. Paul’s. The lawsuit, filed July 6, states Kovoor obtained his job by lying about his past work and schooling.

The lawsuit comes after repeated mediation attempts between the vestry and Kovoor, organized by the Episcopal Church of Connecticut.

“A vestry cannot in itself fire a rector,” said Rev. Ian Douglas, the bishop diocesan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

Douglas said the position of the priest is within a three-way agreement between the priest, the vestry and the wider diocese. Kovoor was hired by the church in October 2016.

To mediate the situation there is a process overseen by the rules of the church called the Canon, he said. The process also allows for bishop diocesan of the Episcopal Church to issue a godly judgment to resolve matters.

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