Saturday, July 21, 2018

Woe to bad shepherds

From The Virgin Islands-

It is no secret that many of our long-established, mainline congregations are dwindling. And at the same time, many of our historic communities, hometowns to generations, are experiencing more than just decline.

These smaller communities in many instances are experiencing actual disunion, and increasing, oppressive decrepitude. Indeed, they are becoming places where promises of the blessings of freedom, and promises of growing prosperity in time, are going unfulfilled.

In many instances, sheer practicalities (for example, commuting challenges, and need for more accessible, sophisticated medical resources), and the evolving advantages (better and more comprehensive education, employment, and so on) of our more urban, technology-dominated age, are overtaking the possibility of greater fulfillment “back home,” where even the least of us historically could be treasured, with more of our human potential realized, and with essential moral and ethical values intact. Some say that this evolution is our future.

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