Saturday, August 11, 2018

A year after Charlottesville: Confederate symbols wear out welcome at Ohio cathedral

From Southern Ohio-

Symbols of the Confederacy that have long been a part of one of Cincinnati's oldest churches are slated for removal.

The journey to this decision started one year ago for Christ Church Cathedral following a sermon by Dean Gail Greenwell. From her pulpit, she challenged the cathedral’s vestry to consider what to do with the memorials – a plaque honoring Episcopal bishop and Confederate Gen. Leonidas Polk and a stained glass pane honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee – and to review what might be missing from the church.

The vestry accepted the challenge. Two scholars were brought in to discuss the context of the symbols and the issue of Confederate memorials in general. Conversations and listening session were held, according to the cathedral's head of the vestry, Senior Warden Don Lane.

Various opinions and concerns were considered by the vestry before a decision was made.

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