Friday, August 10, 2018

Religiosity linked to lower teen suicide rates

From The Washington Times-

Scientists and researchers often point to the positive aspects of religion in creating a sense of community and providing a purpose for life. But research shows it can have a protective effect on children against suicide, even if they are not religious.

Researchers from Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute found that children whose parents believe in religion are less likely to have suicidal thoughts and fewer of them commit suicide.

Their study, one of the first to look at how religious beliefs influence offspring, was published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry.

“Previous research has examined a number of risk factors of child and adolescent suicide, but one that has received little attention is religious/spiritual belief,” the authors said in the introduction of their report. “This is surprising given that religious beliefs and practices have been associated with lower rates of suicide.”

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