Wednesday, August 22, 2018

‘Not a Beat Skipped’

From The Living Church-

Episcopal Migration Ministries has been on the front lines of immigration policy skirmishes throughout the Trump administration. Now the agency is searching for a new director, as the incumbent has been promoted to a senior position on the presiding bishop’s staff.

The Rev. Canon E. Mark Stevenson, who has overseen EMM since May 2016, was named Aug. 1 as canon to the presiding bishop for ministry within the Episcopal Church. That makes him one of three executives who collectively oversee virtually all the programs of the Episcopal Church.

Demetrio Alvero, Stevenson’s deputy director, has been named interim director of EMM.

“Demetrio’s been doing this a long time,” Stevenson told TLC. “There will not be a beat skipped in the work of EMM.”

When President Trump introduced a travel ban and moratorium on refugee resettlement during his first week in office, it threatened the very existence of EMM, which receives most of its funding from the federal government based on the number of refugees it resettles.

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