Thursday, November 22, 2018

Church leaders who don't support Christianity

From WND-

The current British Anglican archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, recently described the terrible results regarding declining church attendance as the effect of an “anti-Christian culture,” that our culture and churches have been infected with an ideological virus that aims to end the Western era of “freedom of religions.” There may be an element of truth in his statement.

Yet, the archbishop conveniently neglected to mention that the responsibility for this decline is his own, and his fellow church leaders, who so eloquently have chosen to remain silent and smile politely instead of standing up for the Christian message. Last we checked, Jesus did not exactly go silent into the night. The Anglican Church leadership were supposed to be spiritual leaders who showed the way out of social upheaval. Yet, they have quietly conformed to the standards of secular society, omitting subjects of discord and nervously nodding to avoid being persecuted, yet with remarkable strength holding on to the prestige of their clerical positions. They have liberalized church theology in accordance with what they knew to be the anti-Christian establishment.

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