Monday, November 19, 2018

The Complicated History of Washington & Lee University

From The Weekly Standard-

The discord at Washington and Lee had been foreshadowed in events two years earlier at another venerable Lexington institution, the R. E. Lee Memorial Church. After a small but vocal minority of the Episcopal church’s congregants, led by a few academics from Washington and Lee, objected to the name of the building, there began a long and painful debate over whether to rename it. By the end, the rector had been dismissed, several members had quit the church, and many of those who remained were left exhausted and dispirited by the dispute.

One of the most persistent voices for change was Howard Pickett, a professor of ethics and poverty studies at W&L, who had been bothered by the church’s name since arriving in Lexington a decade earlier. Most Episcopal churches that are named for people are consecrated in honor of Christian saints. What was the theological reason, Pickett wondered, for naming a church after a Confederate general?

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