Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Utah State Legislature opens to protests over Medicaid ballot initiative repeal bills

From Utah-

The 2019 Utah State Legislature opened with protests over bills that would repeal voter-approved Proposition 3.

Hundreds packed the Utah State Capitol rotunda to demand lawmakers enact what they voted on.

"We decided to take it into our hands as voters and the people of Utah!" said Stacy Stanford, who racked up $250,000 in medical expenses and lived in the coverage gap.

Bishop Scott Hayashi of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah warned lawmakers that if Prop. 3 isn't put into place, "people will die."

Prop. 3 passed in November with 53% of the vote. It implements a sales tax hike to cover thousands of Utah's poorest by providing them with Medicaid.
But lawmakers fear it will be a budget buster. They worry the sales tax hike that voters approved will not cover ballooning costs.

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