Friday, May 10, 2019

Next Lambeth Conference — and its rival

From The Church Times-

THE Lambeth Conference next year will be bigger and shorter than before — but possibly no less contentious, it emerged this week.

On almost the same day that the CEO of the Lambeth Conference, Phil George, was giving details of Lambeth 2020 to members of the Anglican Consultative Council, the Primates belonging to GAFCON, a conservative grouping formed in 2008 in protest at liberal moves on sexuality, were formulating an alternative gathering.

The 2020 Lambeth Conference will begin with a seven-day hospitality initiative, Mr George said. Every bishop and his or her spouse will visit churches around England and Wales. They will travel to Canterbury on Wednesday 22 July, and Thursday and Friday will be spent in retreat. There will be a separate retreat for spouses.

The two Sundays will centre on opening and closing services in Canterbury Cathedral. Thus the conference proper will last only from Monday 27 July to Saturday 1 August, including a London day. Bible studies will focus on the text of 1 Peter.

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