Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bishop Donovan named Deputy for Anglican Communion Relations

From Anglican Communion News Service. Herb will do a wonderful job in this position.

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori announced on October 20 the appointment of the Rt. Rev. Herbert A. Donovan, Jr. as Deputy to the Presiding Bishop for Anglican Communion Relations.

In this newly-developed position, Bishop Donovan will serve as the liaison for the Episcopal Church to the other 37 Provinces in the Anglican Communion, as well as to international groups, organizations and partners.

"I am honored to be asked by our Presiding Bishop to assist in the work of the Church within the Anglican Communion at this important time in our life together," noted Bishop Donovan.

"I am delighted that Bishop Donovan has accepted the call to serve as Deputy for Anglican Communion Relations," commented Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori. "His experience and relationships within the Anglican Communion will be of immense help in this work, though his own manner of leadership is the greatest asset. I am grateful for his willingness to aid and augment our work around the Communion by putting his abundant gifts to work yet again."

"I am delighted that the Presiding Bishop has decided to appoint Bishop Herb Donovan as Deputy for Anglican Communion Relations," said the Rev. Dr. Ian Douglas, Professor of Mission and World Christianity at Episcopal Divinity School. "Because of new relationships engendered between bishops at the Lambeth Conference of 2008, The Episcopal Church is poised to move forward in God's mission with sister and brother Anglicans around the world in new ways at this time."

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Celinda Scott said...

Sorry to hear that the PB appointed someone to this position whose views are so far to "the left" of a great part of the worldwide Anglican communion. It sounds as though his job will be to try to convince the rest of the communion that TEC's leadership in the blessing of same-sex marriages, the consecration of Bp Robinson, etc. is right, that he won't do much listening. He abstained in a vote having to do with doctrinal affirmation, but I don't really know his views on Christology. Doesn't sound as though he will be interested in any kind of covenant, although I hope I'm wrong. The appointment also further alienates Presiding Bishop from the remaining conservatives in the church. If someone can show I'm wrong in all of this pessimism, I'd be happy to hear it.